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Self spamming

I've recently become quite the eBay seller, putting a bunch of Magic cards online that I don't have amy place in my decks. I figure if I can't make any money playing Magic [given my 2-0-7 and 2-1-8 records in the last two tournaments I played in], I might as well make some money selling Magic.

My main problem is that I'll get on eBay after listing my cards and then poke around to see what other people are offering up for sale. "4x Silence for $.99?!" I will say "Those are worth $11.00 each! I could resell those".

And so I put a $3 max bid on this and a host of other auctions all 6 days 11hrs away from finishing. So of course in that time everyone else sees these auctions and bids on the exact same cards.

And in the end, all I accomplish is spamming myself with "You have been outbid on..." and "Sorry you didn't win on...." messages from ebay as the auctions all end over the course of the next week.

Thankfully, selling things has gone well so far (already sold a $12 card after a day). Now it's on to rework my deck so that I can actually win at tournaments again. Sorry Boggart Ram-Gang, I've got better, more successful decks to make.

Out of place sidenote: if you have any books left over from college, sell them on half.com this instant before they depreciate in value any further. There's good money to be made

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