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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


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Not-Reading Rainbow: A round-up of stories about not reading.

1) People have a habit of not reading their mail. When we mail people about a balance due on their account because they didn't pay rent or information about the move out they scheduled, they will claim not to know about it a month an a half later saying, "oh I don't read my mail." By this point, their rent has gone from chronically late to already-filed-with-the-courts late.

2) New sets of Magic: the Gathering cards come out every like three months or so and beforehand there is intense speculation and leaked information about what the cards in the new set will do. Recently, someone found out that the art at right was slated to be on a card, made up a speculative card and wrote something like "This is what I hope this card does"

Soon the image was posted all over the internet and everyone (myself included) thought it was a real card because the people that were supported to do the fact checking (or, you know, at least read the post) didn't.

Anyhow, so Wizards of the Coast recently posted a notice saying "There are bound to be a lot of rumors in the coming weeks with Zendikar spoilers heating up. I'd like to remind you all that if it doesn't come from an official Wizards of the Coast source, it's only speculation" and as an example to everyone, they noted and posted the fake card that everyone thought was real.

First commenter's response?
3) If you haven't heard, the PBS show Reading Rainbow recently ended after 26 years on the air. But you don't have to take my word for it (ba da bah!).

edit: Now that I actually read the NPR story, I see I ended my post the same way that they did so....

4) When it comes to news articles online, I skim a lot.

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