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docx is a horrible idea.

Have any friends that recently got a computer? Hope they don't have any office documents to send you anytime soon because they will screw it up.

In newer versions of office, docx is the default file format. Here's the problem: it doesn't open up in old versions of office. Yes, they have a plugin, but your average person doesn't know where to download it and when I tried it, it still didn't work on the document I was trying to open.

I feel bad for IT guys and the techy-person-in-the-family who has to try and explain this to untech-saavy people. What were you thinking, Microsoft?

Sure I use Photoshop to edit my photos, but I would never send people photos as .psd files. I get that you're probably doing something to advance the office file format, but it it really worth making Grandma's recipe file completely unreadable to 90% of computers? What kind of bells and whistles do you need for a recipe?

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