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Sorry Earth, but it's only 80 degrees in here

Last week, I had a resident call up saying that they had a problem with their heat. You see, when they set the thermostat to 90 degrees, the heat was only getting up to 80 in the apartment (27 degrees Celsius).

So I let them know that despite the dial being able to go to 90 degrees, it wouldn't actually reach that temperature.

The other problem they had with the heat was that the main bedroom's heat didn't seem to be working well: it was always colder in that room. So I said we'd have someone come over to look at it. Sometimes in situations like that, there will be an outer storm window that is open or something like that.

So maintenance went over there and pulled back the blinds on the window only to find that the window was open about 6 inches. Like the actual window: cold air coming through the screen.

Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened. We had another apartment last year where she would keep her upstairs window open about four inches for fresh air and keep her two main doors open (leaving it to the thin storm doors to keep the cold out). She would call and complain that it was "freezing" and they would go over to find it 80 degrees, the furnace chugging away trying to keep up with the heat escaping out the window.

This is what happens when you offer free heat.

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