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Workers find path made of grave stones

From the Ann Arbor News article:

"[...]But it wasn't until Thursday morning that the Knight's Grading & Excavating worker, who was readying a westside Ann Arbor home for a sewer line replacement, flipped one of the 100-pound slabs over.

"Beloved Wife, Mother Viola T. Bagnasco, 1901-1969."

Stunned, he turned over the rest of the stones: All were grave markers.

And though they did not need to pull up the remaining 51 1x2-foot slabs that made up the walkway, he and company owner Bob Knight said they are sure they too are grave markers.

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  • Blogger Echo says so:
    October 17, 2008 at 10:51 AM  

    I saw this article too. Very spooky, even if the stones are just spelling errors. Also, the fact that they discovered this right before Halloween is kind of creepy/awesome. top