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Adults these days.

Here at our apartment community, have carports for all residents (somewhat like the ones pictured). Everyone gets one spot and gets it free.

We have an older resident who is taking up two carports: one is his registered spot and one is a spot that is assigned to no one because it floods from time to time. We don't charge him for the second one and don't bother him about the second one.

Over the past couple months, however, we have had to send him not one but two letters asking him to not park in a third spot that belongs to other residents. These residents don't use their spot often, but assisted living comes every day to check on them and need to use that space.

Someone from assisted living came by today to complain that he was parked in their spot again. Looking to spare the 3-spot-resident the expense of being towed (despite it being allowed and deserved), I gave her a "THIS CAR IS ILLEGALLY PARKED" sign to put on his windshield and she added a note of her own to it.

What was his response? He tore up the sign and note and jammed them in our drop box. Next time he's getting towed.

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