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Harry Potter Roundup

1) If any of you internet video sites are looking for a good prank, head over to a screen of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and right as big "WB" logo appears on the screen, put on your dementor costume and then start running around the theater. Soul stealing optional.

2) Harry Potter was a good movie

3) The most recent Harry Potter movie introduces Horcruxes. The way these work is exactly like a Lich's Phylactery (to quite the d20srd: "An integral part of becoming a lich is creating a magic phylactery in which the character stores its life force. As a rule, the only way to get rid of a lich for sure is to destroy its phylactery"), which is amusing to me because I think "Oh so these are like Liches" and if Karen ever read anything with liches she would say "Oh, these are like Horcruxes!"

4) We saw a sold out midnight showing. It's always fun to watch a movie with so many people since you get to see everyone dressed up and hear everyone gasp at the same time. It's clear that all the people there are big HP fans. There was a time near the end of the movie where 6 people in different parts of the movie theater all got up: from reading the books they knew that it was the best time to run to the bathroom.

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